It is the most exclusive trade show cum international buyer seller meet where visitors will be from 100 plus countries. The exhibition covers all commodities like agricultural products, textiles, furniture, chemical, marble, tiles and sanitary, food, machinery, engineering, plastics, jewellery, kitchen appliances, tapestry and many more commodities.
The entire interest of this buyer seller meet is to connect buyers from different countries to sellers who all are in their industries since long. As this exhibition will give access to buyers about every information like products, websites, presentation, chatting options and also direct video calling.
What makes this more interesting is the feature like 3D, 6 webinars in 3 days, 3 panel discussions and also entertainment zones have live band performances and few artistic shows.
If you are someone who is willing to explore the entertainment market, book your stall and meet hundreds and thousands of buyers coming from across the globe. This opportunity is something you can’t take a chance to miss out.
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