Alliance Print is a fast-growing printing house specialized in book production; advertising materials; packaging and many other products from paper and cardboard. It is equipped with high-tech printing machines, including digital printing, as well as machines for finishing processes and product refinement. With its 20 years of experience, the company provides excellent quality and do its best to please all customers‘ desires. It is a leader for book printing in Bulgaria and exports part of its production even to Western Europe.

Alliance Print provides free technological consultation. Its experts can help you plan your project for achieving the effect you are looking for with the most efficient use of resources for the best price quality offer. It has untraditionally wide product portfolio because of its continuous investments in new and innovative technologies and machines. The large investments allow to the company to have a closed process in the printing house, be independent and price competitive. Every year it invests in new equipment in order to offer the clients new possibilities and high quality. This allows it to be more efficient and competitive. Bringing all production in the house allows to offer short production cycle. Reliable 360 degree control to guarantee the quality of your products.

Printing house Alliance Print has a mission to be a successful company, creating a brand image as one of the best in the market and delivering quality products to its clients. The products are valuable to society as they deliver knowledge, information and develop a person’s imagination. They also help the clients to grow their business. All products are used daily by many people and reach all households.

Alliance Print’s vision is to be a leading company in the industry and reliable partner of its clients. It is a leader in the delivery of quality products and services in the printing industry. Working closely with all its partners, offering the best solutions and delivering on time. It achieves all this thanks to advanced technical equipment and the qualifications of its employees.


Тel: + 359 2 422 59 38

+ 359 897 91 99 52



Addres: Ilia Beshkov str. 3A, Sofia, Bulgaria