Bulteh – 2000 Ltd is an 100% privately owned company established in 1996 with sound experience in design, development and manufacture of electronic ultrasonic milk analyzers, special lab and technological equipment and electronic devices in dairy and food industry.

The company has 3250 m2 of production and 900 m2 of warehouse facilities. Administration and engineering premises located at 900 m2 include Milk analysis lab, Chemical lab, R&D department, PCB testing, final QA check, CAD/CAM designing & simulation, Commercial & logistics department.

The Research and Development Department consist of 23 engineers and technologists with vast experience in the field. They compose the innovative capacity of the company which is constantly focused on invention of the new products as well as on the creation and improvement of the methods and technologies used in the manufactured devices.

As a result, in 2015 the company was awarded the prize “Most Innovative enterprise in Bulgaria” for its product Ekomilk iBond – multi-parameter milk analyzer with integrated system for milk collection, real-time pricing and bank transfers.


18, Promishlena Str., Industrial Area 19,
Stara Zagora, 6000, Bulgaria
Phone: +359(42)603449,
Fax: +359(42)615564