The company is established in 2015 with a clear mission to abstract electronics complexity and leverage concentration and freedom on creating customer value.
We aim to provide our customers engineering expertise among the complete lifecycle of embedded systems development in the areas of:
– Embedded systems Software, Hardware and Mechanical Design.
– Product development, prototyping and concept evaluation.
– Broad spectrum of consultancy services in the areas of Automotive, Industrial Automation and IoT.
– HMI Design and Realization.
– Building and Industrial automation design.
– Security Solutions – Designing and Maintaining Secure Products.
– Design and Development for Manufacturing – EOL software and tools.
– AUTOSAR system design, integration and BSW configuration.
– Embedded Linux development.
– IoT low-power product design.
– Engineering Process Automation.

Our team has long-year engineering and design expertise in the Automotive and Embedded industry with proven track-record on designing time and safety critical applications, performing electronic systems integration and developing world-class products for major OEMs and product vendors.

Intellics is approved Automotive supplier since beginning of 2017 with 20+ successfully completed and on-going projects, related to several OEM programs for Daimler, RSA, GM, FCA and VW, including:
– Development of core platform toolchain.
– Leading major Automotive Tier 1 project Architecture.
– Key partner in building a new Automotive engineering center.

Some of our major products:
– HMI Design Framework as an end-to-end solution for designing and implementing HMI middleware.
– Building management multifunction controller.
– Ultra low power sensor network for environmental monitoring.
– Fully autonomous and green energy IoT gateway.


Intellics Engineering Ltd

Trade Center Europe, 7 “Iskarsko shose” Blvd, Building 7, fl. 1, Sofia 1528