It is our immense pleasure to invite you to a unique multi-faceted international platform to ‘Reimagine the World’, a world where change is the only constant and disruptions are becoming frequent.

The inaugural edition of “LEADS 2020 : Reimagine the World”is a 4-day global thought leadership initiative from FICCI, spanning the globe and curated as an engagement platform for insights into five fundamental questions that underlie the quest for global economic prosperity, which is inclusive and  sustainable for well-being citizens. This year, the program shall be organised on a virtual platform from October 12-15, 2020 .

The motivation for the programme arises from the fact that in an interdependent world, effective leadership and genuine commitment is imperative to encourage constructive policy debates, evolve a collaborative approach for achieving the vision of an abundant, ecologically balanced and prosperous world for our future generations. This FICCI initiative is also driven by the need to reaffirm economic solidarity across borders, with optimism for the future in these uncertain times.

LEADS 2020 is an endeavour to evolve a shared vision among global leaders, to reimagine economic growth on the pillars of open economies, self-reliance, economic resilience and multilateralism. Global leaders are being invited to share their views on 21st century challenges and opportunities for global business value chains.

The idea of LEADS:

L – Leadership for global prosperity in the of disruption

E – Excellence in everything we do

A – Adaptability to these VUCA times

D – Diversity for inclusive growth fabric

S – Sustainability as a given for economic growth

LEADS 2020 will be a confluence of  leaders, influencers and opinion shapers across the world. It will offer a platform for exchange of ideas with relevance to India’s regional engagement. The program will keep time zone differences with East Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, ASEAN & Oceania, Europe, Africa, West Asia, Americas and the Pacific, in mind. The virtual event this year will be hosted and managed on a FICCI exclusive platform, specially designed, developed and created with all privacy and data security features.

We request you to save the date in your schedule. The Regional Session focusing on your country would be of particular interest for you as it would focus on sectors which have immense potential for collaboration between India and the region.  Keeping the time zone difference in mind, the session has been timed accordingly.  We will also be delighted to have you with us for the Inaugural and Valedictory sessions, besides other regional sessions.

Program outline can be accessed from the following Link