1.     General information

The company is created 30 years ago.

The main activity is development, manufacturing and commissioning of automation systems.
We work in the fields of Energy, Subway, Railway and industrial automation.

So far, we have primarily worked on the Bulgarian market.

We have implemented:

  • Over 10 SCADA systems that control over 100 power substations at 220/110/20 KV on the Power Distribution Network;
  • Control systems for 8 Subway stations for the Sofia Metro/Subway.
  • Systems for energy management including over 1500 power meters;
  • Centralized Traffic System – CTC for Railway Line with 16 stops and others;

We established a good position in the market and enjoy a good reputation and respect among customers. The system solutions, software and partly the hardware of the systems manufactured by us are our own development.

The number of our employees varies between 8 ÷ 12, of which the majority are programmers.

If necessary, the team can be expanded.

2.     Main Systems

These are systems for control and management of distributed objects – SCADA systems, such as:

  • Systems for control and management of transmission and distribution networks at 220KV, 110 KV levels in the Power Industry;
  • control systems for Supervision & Control of the power substations and the technological processes in the Sofia Metro/Subway;
  • SMART GRID systems;
  • Energy management systems;
  • Systems in Railway Transport for train traffic control and management – Centralized Traffic Control (CTC);
  • Systems for control and management of Robotic Production Lines and sections, etc.
3.     Developed software products

The algorithms and software of the systems are developed and produced by the company. The software covers all system levels and contains:

  • embedded software;
  • data acquisition & processing software;
  • communication software – standardized- and custom protocols;
  • Real-time Database Systems – RTDBS- Abstract Data Models for:
    • Energy Distribution Networks;
    • Railway Network;
    • Energy Management Networks;
    • Some Industrial Production Lines etc.
  • Algorithm based processing software for different automation Tasks;
  • SCADA software incl. visualization, archiving etc.
  • Algorithm based higher-level tasks;
  • Off-line software incl. configurators, diagnostic-and test software etc.

Since automation systems are by definition real-time systems, we are focused on creating structures and software to work in real-time.

On the other hand, since automation sites appear to be decentralized/dispersed, and therefore the systems are of telemechanical nature (Remote Supervision & Control Systems), especially attention is paid to the communication software.

We have communication packages supporting all standards used in telemechanic, including.:

  • IEC 60870-5-101/104;
  • IEC 60870-5-103;
  • IEC 60870-5-102;
  • Modbus etc.

as well as software that implements specialized communication protocols.

4.     Partners sought

We are looking for partners for long-term cooperation as follows:

  1. Plant builders in the field of:
  2. Energy distribution networks;
  3. Factory energy production;
  4. Smart Grids,
  5. Energy management systems,   
  6. Robotic process lines, and other industries,

for which, as subcontractors, we implement the automation systems in whole or in part.

  • Companies wishing to expand their R&D capacity in the development, production and testing of new software products in the areas mentioned in point 3 by working with an external company.
  • Companies working in the field of remotely piloted objects, such as drones, autonomous vehicles, etc. to work together on these issues and others wishing to cooperate on the development, production and testing of software products in these areas.
  • Companies wishing to build joint development centers in Bulgaria on the production of software and automation systems.
  • Companies wishing to develop and test individual software products according to their request and specification.
  • Other similar. 
5.     Contacts


BG 1619 Sofia

“polk. Stoyno Bachiyski” Str. 34

Tel. +359 888 233 654

E-mail: tkolarov@telecont.net

Web: https://www.telecont.net/